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Letter rayuan kpd PM mengenai intelligence berkaitan syor "retirement in the public interest" di bawah Seksyen 49 Akta Pencen terhadap KPPA
 An increasing number of over-65s are looking to work longer to support retirement.
 Employers can force retirement if in 'public interest'

I wrote to the PM to appeal on his decision to "terminate" the services of ex KPPA under Section 49 of the Pension Act and use his wisdom to let TS Abu Bakar to exit gracefully. Lo and behold PM rewarded ex KSN to a choice position in Petronas and disgraced the next highest position of the Public Service incumbent, DG PSD with a 2nd broom etiqutte. It was his perogative and under the Constitution, Art 135 (2) public servant cannot be "dismissed" without due process of opportunity to be heard. 

2. I like to put the context of why SBPA origins is sadly overlooked and left out in your write-up. The Govt drove the GTP agenda and PEMANDU escaped censure because it recommended that to attract private sector talent into the civil service, there must similar fair adjustment in the top echelons remumeration package. Yes the whole initiative was ONE innovative and creative fad, top down and sold to JPA to review the Public service scheme under the New Economic model Era. 

Alas do it quick and fast. Failure to appreciate that Goverment is different, not better or worst from the private sector, seemed to have not been understood by many, including in the national leadership. Yes we can be business like in our operations; we are not private sector in its ultimate measure (e.g. you see your saLary in NST is not known by your peers or staff. In public service the recognition decent comparable pay of top echelons in the public service was "political baggage" under the aborted SBPA because the nation just cannot understand the unintended consequences of introducing transformation into the public service "ala private sector" like your article today).

3. There was unfortunate sellout of hard work and toil to come up with the package by JPA team, who still suffered the shameful act of the Union pulling the rug under the carpet vis a vis the Govt by Dato Omar, whose decision to throw in the spanner on SBPA was Not a unanimous decision of CUEPACS council. He acted summarily and UTUSAN peer help to calibrate his message. Their silence on this sad tragedy of the public service since Independence speak volumes for all to reflect. 

4. There is inherent contradiction between the 1Msia philosophy and the GTP agenda, of which the public service "have to be clone" like the private sector; just like the apparent paradox of democracy and capitalism fail to be fathom by fellow Malaysians. 

5. Yes the role of union all over the world now seems like a dinosaur in the march towards greater new economic order. Yet I see they have a role and place in the fate of the nation; but its leadership need to be enlightened and capable as well as able to nurture trust and accountability towards the advancement of the nation.

6. The black saga of departure of DG PSD in an unceremoniously manner is indeed the dark episode in the history of the public service since Independence. The undercurrent tension and disquiet unhappiness of making SBPA an election gamechanger is very unfortunate. Too bad the accountability for the debacle fell on the public service,while the master conductor of GTP and the political leadership have passed the bug. So much for integrity of our national leadership today. 

7. Yes we move on with hope that the public service is still held in high regard and understood its fate in intimately linked to the rise and fall of nations for all who understood history. 

Datuk Dr Mohd Ghazali Dato Hj Md Noor
PTD (1973-2004)

 Employers can force retirement of older workers if it is in the "public interest", a landmark court ruling signalled http://www.telegraph.co.uk

 Kita ikhtiar dan berani menggunakan hak kebenaran dan keadilan sesama insan.

My Dear Old Free Jalil

I read your Editor writeup "Of Accountability in the Civil Service and putting people First " in NST today 3 july 2012, pg 2.
 [Of accountability in the civil service and putting people first
BRIGHT FUTURE: Civilservants can now look ahead with new leadership in civil service 
  IT was a lopsided scheme that fortunately didn't see the light of day after all.
But it did cause a lot of grief to the country's 1.4 million-strong civil service until Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak intervened to put a stop to it.
The stillborn Skim Baru Perkhidmatan Awam (SPBA) for the public service was, to say the least, awful.
The salary scheme was never intended the help the lower-rung civil servants tide over the rising cost of living.

The quantum of the pay hike for the majority of the workers was, by all accounts, pittance. It was a slap on their face.

Rather, the scheme was designed by the top echelon to reward themselves with huge pay rises.
The joke then was that you don't ask the top-ranking officers to decide on their own remuneration package.

Little wonder then that when the scheme was eventually made public, the main trade union, Cuepacs, cried foul.

It wasn't a just solution for the majority.
It was instead designed to reward those in high office at the expense of the low-income group.
The flak over the SBPA also posed a huge political headache for the Barisan Nasional government ahead of the general election.

The government could not afford to unsettle the civil servants.

Najib in March took a bold step to scrap the SBPA, much to the relief of the civil servants.
In its place, he introduced a much improved Sistem Saraan Malaysia (SSM) salary scheme.
It was more equitable across the board and not as despairing as the SBPA proposed by the Public Service Department (PSD).

Subsequently, there had been calls for the chief secretary to the government, who is the head of the civil service, and director-general of the PSD, to take the responsibility for the botched-up SBPA plan. Commentators went on to say that the plan had left a bitter taste, gave rise to much hostility and negativity against the government.

In fact, it was a direct defiance of Najib's 1Malaysia philosophy, under which the rakyat comes first.

Cuepacs and the civil servants in general can now look ahead with the new leadership in the civil service, following the departure of Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan and PSD chief Tan Sri Abu Bakar Abdullah.

The government is also undertaking a complete overhaul of the civil service, with the setting up of a new panel headed by former PSD director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam.
Those in the public service can now look forward to a better and a more rewarding career as the country marches towards meeting the Vision 2020.
We can now put the dark episode behind us.

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