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More than 50% Malaysians feel Putrajaya hiding information on MH370, poll shows

April 14, 2014
More than half of Malaysians polled last month believe that the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government has been hiding information about flight MH370's disappearance, according to a new survey by The Malaysian Insider.
Out of the 1,029 respondents polled in The Malaysian Insider survey carried out by the Merdeka Center, 54% said Putrajaya was not transparent in releasing information about flight MH370 which vanished on March 8.
In response to the question whether they thought Putrajaya had been truthful or had been hiding anything about MH370, 54% of respondents felt Malaysia had been hiding information, 26% said the government had been truthful while 20% were unsure.
Ever since the Malaysia Airlines jetliner disappeared on March 8, this allegation has been made on numerous occasions by Chinese relatives of the 227 passengers on board the Boeing 777-200ER (9M-MRO) jetliner.
And more than five weeks after the plane disappeared, it appears that Malaysians are also inclined to believe that Putrajaya has not been forthcoming with information about the flight.
Once again, Chinese respondents were almost unanimous in giving the thumbs down to the BN federal government.
The poll figures showed that the slight majority of Indian and Malay respondents, too, believed Putrajaya had been hiding information.
This time, respondents from both rural and urban areas were united in believing that Putrajaya has been less than forthcoming with information about MH370.
Putrajaya has faced criticism from local and international quarters since the MH370 crisis began on March 8 with many Chinese relatives of those on board the plane accusing the government of lying about the fate of the Boeing 777. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, April 14, 2014. Putrajaya has faced criticism from local and international quarters since the MH370 crisis began on March 8 with many Chinese relatives of those on board the plane accusing the government of lying about the fate of the Boeing 777. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, April 14, 2014.
Respondents were selected through random stratified sampling methods along the lines of ethnicity, gender and age, and covered all the federal seats in the peninsula.
The survey was carried out from March 24 to 30 with the selection of respondents proportional to the population in each parliamentary constituency.
On the performance of Malaysian ministers in the MH370 crisis, 21% of the respondents said they were very dissatisfied while 19% were very satisfied.
Despite the criticism Putrajaya has faced from local and international quarters since the MH370 crisis, 51% of respondents said they were confident about the government.
However, 45% of respondents said they were not confident about Putrajaya post-MH370 crisis.
The respondents were asked whether the performance of Putrajaya in handling the MH370 crisis has made them more/less confident about the government.
Within days of MH370's disappearance, China's Foreign Ministry had urged Malaysia to speed up its investigations and provide more accurate information.
However, China's criticism of Malaysia's investigation into MH370 also unleashed an ugly bout of nationalism.
Anger at Malaysia's handling of the investigation erupted on Chinese social media, and even on the streets with demonstrations outside the Malaysian embassy in Beijing.
The state-run Xinhua News Agency complained of an “unforgivable” lack of capacity, effort or transparency on the part of Putrajaya.
The adjective “Malaysian” became a popular byword for irresponsibility and unreliability; Malaysian singers of Chinese descent were abused online.
After Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced that MH370 ended its flight in the southern Indian Ocean, family members and relatives in Beijing snapped.
Grief-stricken and angry over what they called two weeks of "lies and misleading information" after MH370 disappeared, family members marched to the Malaysian embassy.
They carried placards bearing the words "Malaysia Airlines, you owe us an explanation", "Corrupt Malaysian government" and "Mom, please come home".
Another bone of contention has been a CNN report on Thursday quoting an unnamed senior Malaysian government official as saying that the air force had scrambled search at 8am on March 8 soon after MH370 was reported missing.
Both acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and the Royal Malaysian Air Force chief have denied the report. However, CNN said it was standing by the report. – April 14, 2014.


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Malaysia is hiding its inadequacies in their handling of the case. The more they keep important issues from the public the more inquisitive we get and turn to other sources to satisfy our doubts. Right now, foreign news on this issue sounds more acceptable than our domestic news. Who's to blame?
In the beginning, benefit of doubt was given, as the world tried to come to terms with the tragedy mh370 , Malaysians felt perhaps under the circumstances, Hisham and others were trying their best.but certainly lots of room for improvement on the handling.

But , instead of getting better.. It got worst progressively.. that even those who wasn't dubious became so later
..Like an onion skin,layer upon layer of half truths served to the highly suspicious and cynical public.
And what is worst than that, they seem to be trying to Cover-Up their Cover -Ups..with statements they make.
How many blankets have they got?
Out of curiosity, what or where were these randomly selected participants source of information to reach these results? It could be a total different picture.

That is if it was from the Govt related agencies, I am sure the percentage would be higher in favor of the Govt for their one sided news and vice versa the no confidence would be higher from the other non related Govt media.
I'm keeping some doubts about the government myself.

Sure the govt should have handle the MH370 incident better but 1,029 respondents isn't the real representation of the 30 million estimated Malaysians.
You may add myself to the " Not Confident At All" list. The UMNO government has a decades long history of dispensing half-truths, quarter-truths and outright lies about everything and anything. In this particular incident, it cannot even find the honesty to tell the public what exactly was the last words said in the communication between the pilots and the ATC until it was pressured to release the actual transcripts. And was any explanation given for the glaring difference? And there is no contrition about its behaviour.
Hiding the truth tends to become a habit. Hiding from the majority of Malaysians is easier because of mass media control.

Hiding from the rest of the World is a different matter.
1 reply · active 19 hours ago
Heard Hishamuddin avoiding questions from a CNN journalist at some conference. Hiding or embarrassed?
When I was in Melbourne with my wife visiting my daughter, the general sentiment was that the black box must not be handed over to Malaysia. The investigation should be led by Australia.
2 replies · active 19 hours ago
Boeing would want first crack at it if not the CIA, but the Aussies are alright too, anyone but Putrajaya. Sorry for being anal about it but the government clearly list all credibility.
Yeah. The Jempol police confiscated the bullet removed from MyWatch chairman's, Sanjeevan, abdomen. Now complete silence about who is behind his murder attempt.
It is difficult to convinced all citizens of Malaysia that the government is not hiding any crucial info regarding this incident after all the confusion press conference.

Anyway, which country on earth does not hide info but due to the seriousness of this incident, the government is not doing good enough to satisfy the public.
And we still have people believing Umno BN. Astonishing!
1 reply · active 20 hours ago
Actually Malaysia has already turned into a basket case.
The only thing Putrajaya is disclosing to the world is their sheer incompetence.
1 reply · active 21 hours ago
it is not something they disclose, they just failed to cover up.
Everyone knows our government is corrupt to the core. They are also arrogant and nonchalant about the plight of the rakyat.
1 reply · active 21 hours ago
not the other 50% who kept giving the thumbs up to the umno-bn government...
This picture above is like the GE13 results...and the colour too so similar.

How we wish the East Malaysian can "Judge by History" (Hisham's Quote) and vote with their heart and not eyes/hands (monetary) for the betterment and for JUSTICE.
Putrajaya's survival is of utmost importance. Everything else is secondary.
The 'confident' 51% should immediately get themselves checked by qualified psychiatrists.
If I am not wrong, the director of Civil Aviation Malaysian told reporters something on the line that there are some things he can share and something he cannot share. That means there are sensitive information best kept secret and could not be shared? What is that something he cannot share? On whose instruction? The poor families, relatives and friends of crews & passengers of MH370 deserve all information to be shared and revealed. No secret please. Is the plane at somewhere hidden and the passengers are held captive against their will and that is why no debris or wreckage was found until today? It cannot be the plane crashed as the pilot is a very experienced pilot and it was a Boeing 777 jetliner. We demand the truth to be told NOW to have a closure.
The article has been unprofessionally written.

This article is supposed to report the result from a poll conducted by the Merdeka Centre, on the way Umno is handling the MH370 incident. In an article such as this, it is therefore totally *out of line to include the following sentence:

"However, China's criticism of Malaysia's investigation into MH370 also unleashed an ugly bout of nationalism."

The above sentence has nothing to do with the poll conducted by the Merdeka Centre, and the inclusion of the above sentence only serves to degrade the integrity of the reporter who penned the article.
The sad thing is v hv to stuck with this gov if rural folks dun change their mindset........................
Once trust is gone, relationship will invariably fail.
Malaysians and Mainland chinese are distrustful of Malaysian and Chinese communist government because both Malaysian and CHina govenment don't respect human rights, transparency and accountability. Bring those government down.
The government is withholding information on the instructions from someone more powerful than us
I believe the government have been less than transparent in this whole affair right from the beginning. The most galling is the wasted 4-6 days searching in the wrong sea. The ATC and military are blaming each others for the short coming while nothing is been done to find out the truth. Nothing has been clarify what goes behind close door investigation. No wonder the Chinese government is incense with us for dragging our foot in the investigation. The government need to remember that they are not dealing with Malaysian who are more subservience but with the world out there. Gotta change the status quo in dealing with others.
Yeap, We Malaysians are used to cover-up stories by this corrupted gov't.
Not owning up to their mistakes is one of the hallmarks of this government. It has always been their style of administration, let alone this MH370 investigation. Sitting on their plump pedestals for decades had given them the illusion that they are nearly perfect and irreplaceable.

The manner in which they handled the investigation, especially during the initial stages, did aroused ones suspicion of a government cover-up. Their arrogance and aloofness sure didn't go down well with foreign journalists who descended upon our capital.

The usual denial syndrome didn't help either as the man of the hour insolently declared: "I don't think so. It's far from it. It's only confusion if you want it to be seen as confusion." This upstart must have quickly discovered that foreigners are quite unaccustomed to being told off with such abruptness. On one occasion, we even had the news media barred from a briefing. The rational of it is still unknown.

They wised up along the way, when they discovered that their "one-way-traffic" press conferences were in fact contributing to the heat. Unlike local journalists, the foreign ones are not as easily "tamed".

Well, since this MH370 tragedy cuts across racial and religious lines, as can be seen by the results of the survey by The Malaysian Insider, I sure hope Putrajaya will finally wake up to the fact that Malaysians on the whole, want a government which is open and transparent.

Whether or not Putrajaya is actually hiding anything from the public, or have been less than forthcoming with information about MH370, is not quite the issue here. What is at stake is, this nation deserves a responsible and transparent government to heal its wounds.

This time, I suppose: "Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?", is not very applicable. "Apa Lagi Rakyat Mahu?" is more like it.
Transparency has never been the strength of this BN goverment. As for domestic issues they stuffed them down the Rakyat's throat. But this is a world glaring event which has involved citizens of many countries and therefore there is very little room to hide untruthfulness.
Will BN sue CNN on the report RMAF scramble on 8am.. One is standing on the report CNN us US newspaper. Govt denial as always.. civil servant leak secrets kena fired.. what justice do we have?
Given the poor record of transparency and accountability in the past, and the amazing flip-flops in the information given out on the MH370 disappearance incident, I too believe that the government has not revealed a lot of what it already knows.
We all know it. Putrajaya govern by lying and propaganda. This plane disaster. Next will GST.
With all the conflicting and contradicting statements made by Malaysian officials the perception of hiding information and no confidence will grow stronger .What is worrying is the criticism and no confidence by the international community
The state-run Xinhua News Agency complained of an “unforgivable” lack of capacity, effort or transparency on the part of Putrajaya.

You know when you're doing a miserable job governing when the official news agency of China complains about your lack of transparency. Yes, China, one of the most opaque governments in the world, complains about Malaysia's transparency problem.
Malaysians can't helped it if we are distrustful of the government. It's the result of being lied to again and again.
Furthermore the conduct of the officials involved were suspicious and inconsistent. Too many events exposed incompetence and inconsistency, yet all the heads are still intact. Not a single official came out and admitted a shortfall. Blame plenty, accountable none.
>> Another bone of contention has been a CNN report on Thursday quoting an unnamed senior Malaysian government official as saying that the air force had scrambled search at 8am on March 8 soon after MH370 was reported missing.

Now that it is illegal for civil servants to divulge national security secrets, we may never know if RMAF ever scrambled a plane to confront a UFO in our air space.
Actually, more than 75 percent Malaysians feel Putrajaya is hiding info on all matters. From stats on economics and finance to business ownership numbers are all highly suspect. Nothing that comes out of Putrajaya is believable anymore...for a long time now. If we don't believe the election results, how can we believe anything on such a sophisticated problem as MH 370!

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