KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23, 2014:

A YouTube video showing footage of a female hawker fighting with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officers has gone viral on social media.

In the three-minute video, the hawker of an unlicensed drinks stall in Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras, was seen acting aggressively towards DBKL officers who tried to confiscate her items.

The council’s corporate planning manager, Dr Ismail Stapa, said the incident, which took place on Saturday, was not uncommon, but had occurred on a regular basis when officers conducted their duties.

“The lake is a recreational area and is frequently visited by the public, especially on public holidays and weekends. For now, there are six licensed hawkers operating there.

“However, due to the high number of visitors, unlicensed hawkers, as many as 19 of them, start operating in the area as well.”

Ismail said this had led to many complaints being made to the council, especially as the stalls had taken up parking lots meant for the visitors, obstructed pedestrian lanes and dirtied the area.

He added that action had been repeatedly taken on the illegal stalls, but to no avail.

“From January to August this year alone, we had issued 38 notices to these hawkers for operating without licences, and 3,505 notices for traffic offences caused by them.”

Ismail said on Sept 16, the council had issued eight notices to eight unlicensed operators in the area.

A follow-up visit was carried out at 5.45pm on Saturday. While eight other operators complied with the council officers’ directives, the woman in the video refused to.

“There were 15 operators there, and nine of them were unlicensed operators. The confiscation process went smoothly until we got to this particular woman.

“She would not comply with the officers. Instead, she reacted aggressively and obstructed the officers from carrying out their duties.

“The officers were very patient with her. She started pulling at one the female officers’ headscarves and did not let go until it came off,” he said.

This altercation can be seen in the video.

Ismail said although the council had lodged a police report regarding the incident, they decided not to take any action against the woman to avoid further tension.

“Resistance is normal, but our officers have been instructed to follow standard operating procedures in any type of situation, even one like this.”

‘Male DBKL officer held me from the back’

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 26, 2014:

A female hawker who claimed to have been assaulted by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officers made a police report on the matter.

Suraya Norshamsudin, 34, said she made the report because the officer who was in charge during the raid did not follow procedures.

“DBKL carried out the raid without issuing a notice or warning. After they arrived, they just started confiscating items without saying anything.

“I was just calm at that moment because it was not the first time it had happened, but what really made me mad was when the female officer twisted my wrist. She acted like she was arresting a criminal.”

She said after that another female officer slapped her hand that was holding the stall-umbrella holder.

“She had not only slapped my hand, but shoved me. After that a male officer held me from the back and that made me very mad.

“The male officer was not supposed to touch a female hawker. DBKL accused me of being violent towards them, but see who started it first and most important, the seizure didn’t follow procedures.”

She said she had applied for a operating licence from DBKL many times, but to no avail.

“In my area of business, there are only four hawkers that have licences, and the rest don’t. We have all tried many times to apply for a licence, but they do not entertain us.

“DBKL is also unfair in carrying out their duties because from what I see, foreigners seem to be getting permits more easily than us.”

She added hawkers there were struggling to meet ends meet and DBKL’s action was worsening their plight.

“I am only running this business to help out my husband and kids. If I were rich, I would not need to run the business. I hope through this police report, there will be action taken agaisnt these officers who were involved so that justice can be served.”
The three-minute video of the tussle between Suraya and DBKL officers has gone viral on social media.

Meanwhile, when contacted by The Rakyat Post, Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib refused to comment on the matter, saying only that it was best to leave it in the hands of the police.