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Buku berkaitan dengan Islam di Amerika-The Muslim Oasis




by peribadirasulullah

The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley
By Malcolm X, Alex Haley, Attallah Shabazz

Editorial Reviews

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Malcolm X's searing memoir belongs on the small shelf of great autobiographies. The reasons are many: the blistering honesty with which he recounts his transformation from a bitter, self-destructive petty criminal into an articulate political activist, the continued relevance of his militant analysis of white racism, and his emphasis on self-respect and self-help for African Americans. And there's the vividness with which he depicts black popular culture--try as he might to criticize those lindy hops at Boston's Roseland dance hall from the perspective of his Muslim faith, he can't help but make them sound pretty wonderful. These are but a few examples. The Autobiography of Malcolm X limns an archetypal journey from ignorance and despair to knowledge and spiritual awakening. When Malcolm tells coauthor Alex Haley, "People don't realize how a man's whole life can be changed by one book," he voices the central belief underpinning every attempt to set down a personal story as an example for others. Although many believe his ethic was directly opposed to Martin Luther King Jr.'s during the civil rights struggle of the '60s, the two were not so different. Malcolm may have displayed a most un-Christian distaste for loving his enemies, but he understood with King that love of God and love of self are the necessary first steps on the road to freedom. --Wendy Smith
Biography, published in 1965, of the American black militant religious leader and activist who was born Malcolm Little. Written by Alex Haley, who had conducted extensive audiotaped interviews with Malcolm X just before his assassination in 1965, the book gained renown as a classic work on black American experience. The Autobiography recounts the life of Malcolm X from his traumatic childhood plagued by racism to his years as a drug dealer and pimp, his conversion to the Black Muslim sect (Nation of Islam) while in prison for burglary, his subsequent years of militant activism, and the turn late in his life to more orthodox Islam. -- The Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature
From the Publisher
This book is such a classic. Reading it is almost like a rite of passage for young African AMericans.
I didn't discover it until I was in college (and an elderly female white professor of black lit introduced it to me). Wow! I'm glad she did. But my son read it at age 12. How much better that he's reading Malcolm's
moving story now --rather than late like I did. I believe it will truly affect his life in a very major way.
If I were rich, I'd donate thousands of these books to schools and young folks nationwide.

Daughters of Another Path: Experiences of American Women Choosing Islam By Carol L. Anway

Editorial Reviews

Daughters of Another Path: Experiences of American Women Choosing Islam reflects Carol Anway's experiences as a mother whose daughter became a Muslim convert and the journey of reconciliation and acceptance of her daughter's change in tradition. Daughters of Another Path includes portions of stories from fifty-three American born women who have chosen to become Muslim. Why and how they came to Islam; what their lives are like as a result of that choice; How non-Muslims can relate to Muslims that are relatives, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. -- Midwest Book Review

Losing My Religion: A Call For Help By Jeffrey Lang

Product Description

Crucial to the vitality of any religious community is its ability to attract and engage descendants and converts. By this measure, notwithstanding the proliferation of mosques and Islamic organizations, the Muslim community in America is not doing at all well." This rather sober assessment motivates Dr. Lang to address, in this book, the alienation from the Mosque of the great majority of America's homegrown Muslims.
In Losing My Religion: A Call For Help, the author comes to terms with many of the queries put to him by Americans of Muslim parentage and converts to Islam since the publication of his book Even Angels Ask in 1997. Lang asserts that to effectively respond to the general malaise of American-born Muslims, the Islamic establishment in America needs to be willing to listen to the doubts and complaints of the disaffected. This entails engaging in open discussions on issues with which many in the Muslim community will be uncomfortable, but Lang avers that such open dialogue will be of more benefit to young American Muslims struggling with their faiths than the covert and uniformed discussions that often take place or no discussion at all. For this reason, Lang feels it is important and beneficial "to be candid and objective and not evade controversy, for to inadequately state the case for or against a specific position, especially when it challenges convention, only serves to fur! ther alienate the sceptical." In addition to examining questions of theodicy, hadith authenticity, and moot practices within the American Muslim community, the author includes many testimonials and inquiries that make this book informative.
Islam Our Choice: Portraits of Modern American Muslim Women

Islam Our Choice: Portraits of Modern American Muslim Women By Debra L. Dirks

Product Description

An increasing number of American women are embracing Islam-already over one million converts. These are modern American women born and brought up in America to non-Muslim parents. They have journeyed down the path of Islam without giving up their American heritage and found liberation and self-actualization by becoming Muslims.
This book presents the personal accounts of six American Muslim women who have been kind enough to share their first-person stories of the winding roads they traveled en route to embracing Islam. In giving their personal portrayals of their individual journeys to Islam, some of these sisters-in-Islam have publicly proclaimed far more about their personal lives than they normally would be willing to share. In essence, they have sacrificed some of their personal privacy, as well as some of their normal reticence and modesty about their personal and private lives. "Being American sisters-in-Islam does not mean that we are any less zealous than other Americans in cherishing our rights as Americans, and it does not mean that we are any less patriotic…
What the authors of the following chapters share with other modern women in America is immense, and cannot be easily overstated… However, despite all the things that we share with our fellow Americans who are non-Muslims, what we have come to share with our worldwide sisters-in-Islam is especially sweet and appealing. While each of us remains an American, we are Americans who have joined a very special and caring sisterhood that transcends biological inheritance, personal genetics, ethnicity, race, and socioeconomic status. We have come to understand and to love the fact that what is important is individual righteousness, not superfluous considerations of language, skin color, ethnicity, etc."Debra Dirks.
Struggling to Surrender: Some Impressions of an American Convert to Islam

truggling to Surrender: Some Impressions of an American Convert to Islam By Jeffery B. Lang, Jeffrey Lang

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In this book Professor Lang gives a very personal account of his search for God when he found out that his inherited religious beliefs could no longer answer his questions. A chance encounter led him to Islam. But now, how does he adapt to his new community, its beliefs and lifestyle?
Engaged Surrender: African American Women and Islam

Engaged Surrender: African American Women and Islam By Carolyn Moxley Rouse

Commonly portrayed in the media as holding women in strict subordination and deference to men, Islam is nonetheless attracting numerous converts among African American women. Are these women "reproducing their oppression," as it might seem? Or does their adherence to the religion suggest unsuspected subtleties and complexities in the relation of women, especially black women, to Islam? Carolyn Rouse sought answers to these questions among the women of Sunni Muslim mosques in Los Angeles. Her richly textured study provides rare insight into the meaning of Islam for African American women; in particular, Rouse shows how the teachings of Islam give these women a sense of power and control over interpretations of gender, family, authority, and obligations.
In Engaged Surrender, Islam becomes a unique prism for clarifying the role of faith in contemporary black women's experience. Through these women's stories, Rouse reveals how commitment to Islam refracts complex processes--urbanization, political and social radicalization, and deindustrialization--that shape black lives generally, and black women's lives in particular. Rather than focusing on traditional (and deeply male) ideas of autonomy and supremacy, the book--and the community of women it depicts--emphasizes more holistic notions of collective obligation, personal humility, and commitment to overarching codes of conduct and belief. A much-needed corrective to media portraits of Islam and the misconceptions they engender, this engaged and engaging work offers an intimate, in-depth look into the vexed and interlocking issues of Islam, gender, and race.
Becoming Muslim

Becoming Muslim By Nuh Ha Mim Keller

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Few things have moved so many, for so long, and so powerfully, as the need for God. This is the story of a young American Catholic university student who became a Muslim interpreter in the Middle East. A spiritual odyssey of philosophical readings, working at sea, and travelling abroad, it is above all an encounter with people, from weathered fishermen, to worldly professors, to veiled women in Egypt. In a world in which men are deemed bound by their earliest enculturation, it tells the unforgettable tale of a one man's farewell to Christianity, passage through atheism, and finding of the Divine Reality in an Arabic revelation sent down in Mecca fourteen centuries ago.

Becoming Muslim: Western Women's Conversions to Islam (Culture, Mind, and Society) By Anna Mansson McGinty

Product Description

While Islam has become a controversial topic in the West, a growing number of Westerners find powerful meaning in Islam. Becoming Muslim is an ethnographic study based on in-depth interviews with Swedish and American women who have converted to Islam. Proceeding from the women's life-stories, the author explores the appeal of Islam to some Western women and the personal meaning assigned to the religion. While conversion is often perceived as entailing a dramatic change in worldview, the women's experiences point to an equally important continuity. Notably, the conversion is triggered by particular personal ideas and quests, and within Islam the women can further explore already salient thoughts. The work appeals to students in the fields of anthropology, religious studies, psychology, and women's studies, interested in identity, conversion, and gender.
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