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In support of the dismissal of Tan Sri Abu Bakar - as produced in http://anotherbrickinwall.blogspot.com/2012/07/in-support-of-dismissal-of-tan-sri-abu.html 

Firing civil servant could be seen as preposterous to the lovable but conniving Chief Secretary to the Government, Sir Humphrey in the famous British sitcom of the 90s, Yes Prime Minister.

He would have rattled by the revelation in the Berita Harian yesterday that former Director General of Civil Service, Tan Sri Abu Bakar Abdullah was dismissed and not retired.

By virtue of seniority, Tan Sri Abu Bakar was widely expected to takeover the post of Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) or Chief Secretary to The Government, a post similar to Sir Humphrey, from Tan Sri Sidek Hassan.

Instead Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak by-passed Tan Sri Abu Bakar and choose Dato Dr Ali Hamsa as replacement KSN in middle of last month June.

The predecessor to Sir Humphrey, Sir Arnold would gasped in surprise to such promotion that is “not their time yet.” He would have exclaimed, “That is the thin end of the wedge.”

Without knowledge of the procedures and precedent of the civil service, this blogger laud the decision of the Prime Minister. It is high time and overdue that the incompetent ones is not rewarded with promotion but termination..

Hopefully it will set a new precedent that there is no such thing as automatic promotion by virtue of seniority but merit, efficiency and self-initiative among others are criteria for promotion, just like in private sector.

Those who fail to carryout their assignment must learn to be responsible and bear the consequences, thus not try to play organisational politics. Others should not dare to try to sabotage and be a “batu api” or instigator.

Not only was Tan Sri Abu Bakar by-passed, his application to continue service was rejected and he was terminated on June 30.

He expressed his sadness yesterday to this realisation that he was “dishonourably discharged.”

The online version of the news was not available but pro-opposition The Malaysian Insiders spot the issue and carried it yesterday:
Abu Bakar confirms sacked as PSD chief
By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal
KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 — Tan Sri Abu Bakar Abdullah has confirmed he lost his job as director-general of the Public Service Department (PSD) as of today, which sources say is related to Putrajaya’s aborted new pay scheme for civil servants.
Despite the government’s move to extend the civil service retirement age to 60, the 57-year-old senior civil servant of 35 years said he was “saddened” to find out about the termination only through an official letter.
“My family and I are still saddened by this situation. I did not retire but my service was terminated effective July 1, 2012.
“I received a letter informing me of the termination of my service. I think that is enough for me to say right now,” he was quoted by Berita Harian (BH) Ahad as saying.The Malay-language paper is the revamped weekend edition of Berita Harian. It was previously known as Berita Mingguan.
The paper reported Abu Bakar (picture) saying that he had opted to retire at 60, but the government’s unexpected decision meant that his benefits and pension would only be considered until June 30, 2012.
He has so far refused to comment on the reason for his termination, and whether it has anything to do with the PSD’s controversial Public Service Renumeration Scheme (SBPA), which was axed after protests from within the civil service.
Abu Bakar was previously tipped to be the next Chief Secretary to the Government, but Datuk Seri Dr Ali Hamsa has since taken over.
Abu Bakar, whose department was blamed for disparate pay rises for civil servants early this year, was widely expected to leave government service.
His termination comes amid a on-going debate over the civil service’s impartiality, after newly-minted chief secretary Ali raised eyebrows when he told his new charges that they “should know better” than to believe the “empty promises” made by the opposition.
The 1.4-million-strong public sector has been a traditional vote bank for BN but the controversy over a new pay scheme and attacks on the ruling parties by PR over bread-and-butter issues may offer the federal opposition a glimmer of hope in the coming polls.
But recent days have seen top government officials go on an apparent overdrive to protect the BN government they serve. Apart from Ali’s message to the civil service, Foreign Ministry undersecretary Ahmad Rozian Abdul Ghani recently attacked a Canadian newspaper for describing Datuk Seri Najib Razak as a “false democrat,” and insisted that the prime minister had “an impressive track record by anyone’s standards”.
A director at Putrajaya’s efficiency unit, Pemandu, also made a public attack on PR on Wednesday for not improving the states it governs and focusing on sniping and criticising the federal government’s efforts.
The surprise is why did Berita Harian carried the story and was quickly picked up by TMI where many ex-Kalimullah NST accomplice are?

Tan Sri Abu Bakar was personally assigned by Dato Najib to look into the new pay scheme but instead the SBPA pay scheme designed by Tan Sri Abu Bakar turned out to be feathering the nest of the senior Government servants. [Read our past posting here]

He was doing a typically depicable act of self-interest that was strangely similar to the script in the episode, “A real partnership” in Yes Prime Minister.

When CUEPACS exposed it, Dato Najib had to embarassingly do a U-turn to dump the SBPA and institute a revised SSB pay scheme. Tan Sri Abu Bakar not only fumbled in his assignment but was dishonestly acting for his self-interest.

However, he did not own up to his actions for embarassing the Prime Minister. Does he expect Dato Najib to promote him to be the next KSN?

Now one wonders as to why the GEIC of NST and BH would approve the report which is made as though Tan Sri Abu Bakar is being victimised. Since this is untrue, it will be another embarrassment to Dato Najib.

The power to appont the new KSN belongs to Dato Najib. Is Jalil Hamid questioning the Prime Minister's prerogative? Heard the news KPPA will be a women. [Read Outsyed the Box here.]

Hurrah for the women!

Padan muka kepada orang jantan yang malas belajar dan bekerja tetapi asyik nak berpolitik.

If not for the Berita Harian report, Tan Sri Abu Bakar's termination should remain as murmur within the PTD Mafia. [Read out view on PTD here. ]

Could this be an intention by Tan Sri Abu Bakar to instigate certain segment of the civil servants against the Government. Of late, many former army and police officials have turned over to Pakatan Rakyat out of their personal issues.

Dato Najib's decision should be supported and such craft politics and slick manouvre of lazy top level Civil Servants should not be entertained.  

The approval of the news by Jalil Hamid would seemed to be an act of sabotage to get voters amongst the Government servants vote against Barisan Nasional for a fair decision by the Prime Minister.

Whilst, TMI seemed to serve the role of carrying the news to the opposition side. The opposition is known fpr their demonising Government institutions but have no shame to spin story to take advantage of this opportunity for power. 

One wonders on which side is the the former PMO’s Director of Communication with? If he is in cohort sabotaging Dato Najib, he should find his way to the door. One should know from whom ones bread is buttered.

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