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Kereta Polis Hancur - Pendemonstran BERSIH 3.0 Liar & Buas Perlu Mendapatkan Rawatan Psikiatri 


Komen Abu Aqif: Astaghfirullahalazim.. Kenapa boleh jadi liar dan buas ni..?? Orang macam ni kena kurung dalam kandang dan diikat. Dia makan pil kuda ke..? Kuat betul.. haha.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPvVZ_WRQFM

‘Abdullah B. Mas’oud mengatakan, Nabi Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam biasa berdo’a dengan do’a:

اللَّهُمَّ إنِّي أسْألُكَ الهُدَى، والتُّقَى، والعَفَافَ، والغِنَى

“Ya Allah, aku meminta kepada-Mu petunjuk, sifat taqwa, sifat ‘afaf, dan al-ghina.” (Hadis Riwayat Muslim, no. 2721)
Mari kita doakan kita dahn khasnya kepada mereka supaya diberikan hidayah supaya kembali kepangkal jalan.

Protesters overturn police car after being hit


6pm: Jln TAR - Hundreds of police are at Jln TAR, that is congested because of the roadblocks. Motorists sound their horns continuously, forcing the police to disperse and regroup at the Jln Tun Perak junction. They begin to allow traffic through. 
5.50pm: Batu MP Tian Chua and Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, former law lecturer, have been arrested.
"Now I'm arrested, police hit us as we were dragged thru rows of rowdy officers - many got beaten up after being arrested," reads Chua's tweet.
5.45pm: Masjid Jamek - Some protesters still want to push into Dataran Merdeka, but the police return and give chase. A number of protesters are arrested. Some of the protesters throw shoes and bottles at the police.
5.34pm: Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said that the lost police pistol has been found. He tweets:
"2 policemen injured & admitted. Snatched police pistol was recovered."
5.30pm: KL Sentral - Bersih at a press conference the organisers claims the event is a success with 250,000 turnout. They however express regret with the incidents that have taken place, and suspect sabotage saying the behaviour reported is “unusual”.
5.26pm: Jalan TAR, in front of Sogo - Police are seen to be checking the overturned car.
5.15pm: Intersection of Jalan Tun HS Lee and Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, near CIMB Bank - PAS Unit Amal (security unit) is making its rounds urging the remaining protesters to disperse.

Meanwhile in thousands are still gathered in front of Masjid Jamek. They gather along Jalan Tun Perak, facing off a few police trucks.

They shout "Bersih, Bersih", but the police trucks suddenly make a U-turn and head back to Dataran Merdeka. The crowd claims victory.
5:13pm: Jalan TAR - The situation in Jalan TAR appears to be calm after a FRU truck retreated. There is no police presence along the road from Maju Junction to Pertama Complex.

Some of the protesters could be seen heading back towards Dataran Merdeka.

The area in front of Bar Council building is now deserted as most of the protesters have dispersed.

But there are still protesters in two main areas - from Masjid Jamek to Dataran Maybank and those in Jalan TAR.

5.12pm: Jalan Pudu, near Dataran Maybank
- The back window of a car was shattered, with the protesters saying that it was caused by a tear gas canister fired by FRU.
5:01pm: Jln TAR - Four police trucks head towards Jln Chow Kit while protestors shout “Hancur FRU” and “Hidup Bersih". The protestors show no sign of dispersing.
5pm: Detainees are being held at the Police Training Centre (Pulapol) in Kuala Lumpur.
4.55pm: Masjid Jamek - Hundreds of people are trapped inside the Masjid Jamek mosque. Police have blocked the entrance to the mosque compound.
4.55pm: Dataran Maybank -  Police fire a tear gas canister at Dataran Maybank, dispersing the crowd.
4.50pm: According to an official post on the police Facebook page, a pistol was stolen during a melee near the Sogo shopping mall.
"The public is advised to be cautious of any eventualities," read the post.
4.52pm: Pasar Seni - Police continue to provoke the protestors and prepare to fire tear gas at them. Malaysiakini then witnesses a policeman firing tear gas in the direction of protestors at Jln Tun HS Lee.
4.50pm: Masjid Jamek - Shabidi Ahmad, a Felda settler from Perak says, “I came by train. Just now while sitting at Masjid Jamek, they fired tear gas.

“I was really scared, my eyes, teeth, everything hurt. I just ran,” he says.

“I think the police shouldn’t do this, people are not causing disturbance, or starting fights, people came here without weapons.”

He hopes for change, adding, “I ask the rakyat to (work for) change, because I feel this government is really cruel to the people.”

4:50pm: Jln Raja Laut - In front of Pertama complex, about four FRU trucks fire tear gas, forcing protestors to move in the direction of Jln Chow Kit. The protestors are unfazed and press on.

And elderly man from Kedah says, “I am not afraid. Why should I be afraid of them?”

4.45pm: Jln TAR - At both ends of Jln TAR the hour long confrontation between rally participants and FRU ends when the police attack from both ends.
4.41pm: Jalan Tun Perak-Masjid Jamek LRT station - FRU fired another round of tear gas but the 2,000-strong crowd refuse to back down.

Police being arresting the protesters, at least one arrested.

4.30pm: Jln Petaling - Close to Pasar Raya 1 Supermart seven policemen apprehend and stomp on a protestor.

4.27pm: Dataran Maybank - Angry protesters throw empty water bottles at a passing police van.
4.25pm: Jalan Tun Perak-Masjid Jamek LRT station - Several tear gas canisters fired at Masjid Jamek LRT station by the police towards the crowd and they started to arrest people who were milling around the station.

Despite several rounds of water cannon fired, the protesters refuse to retreat and regroup soon after. 
4:23pm: Jalan TAR - A police vehicle allegedly hits two protestors in front of Sogo shopping centre, injuring them.
An angry crowd surrounds the police vehicle which has been abandoned, and overturns it. [VIDEO l 1.17 mins]
4.21pm: Masjid Jamek - A man faints near Masjid Jamek and he is helped by the Bersih medical team as well as PAS Unit Amal, who carried him to HSBC bank beside the river for treatment.

Both the Bersih medical team and the government’s Jabatan Pertahanan Awam (Public Defence Department) attend to the man while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

4.20pm: A member of the public Jamaluddin Mohd Salleh from Sepang says, “FRU fired tear gas at Masjid Jamek and someone suffered breathing difficulties.”

“The gathering was indeed peaceful, but after it was over, the police fired tear gas.

“And now they block the roads. People want to go home, but ytt hey close the roads and fire tear gas again.”

4.20pm: Petaling Street - Police fire water cannons in the direction of protestors at Jln Petaling and Jln HS Lee. The protestors run helter skelter but continue shouting “Bersih” at the cops near them.
4:10pm - Jalan TAR - A group of protesters sit along the closed Jalan TAR road. An ice-cream seller is doing a roaring business as protesters seek to quench their thirst.

FRU fire chemical-laced water at them in front of Kamdar department store along Jalan TAR.
4.04pm: Earlier, a number of reporters standing behind the FRU get pushed by the police towards the protestors while tear gas is being fired, exposing them to the acrid gas.
4.00pm: Jln TAR - Near Kamdar, a man believed to be in his thirties is seen throwing a canister of tear gas back to the FRU, to loud applause from the crowd while the media look on. Later a woman faints from the tear gas.
3.58pm: A 35-year-old man suffers difficulty in breathing near Dataran Maybank from the tear gas attacks. He recovers after a medical team attends to him.

3.58pm: Masjid Jamek - Hundreds of protestors are resting at the park behind Masjid Jamek to recover from the water cannon and tear gas attacks.
3.55pm: Dataran Maybank - Despite tear gas fired at Jln Tun Perak, the crowd in front of Puduraya and Dataran Maybank have yet to disperse.
3.51pm: Bar Council - Bersih steering committee member Andrew Khoo condemns the tear gas and water cannon attacks saying, "This is unwarranted, escalated violence. The crowd is very peaceful, a lot of people are just coming to take photographs.
"This is very unnecessary aggressive behaviour and I wholly condemn the violence.”

3.49pm: Jalan Raja Laut - About 35 protesters arrested in front of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) building.
3.50pm: Sogo Shopping Mall - Pockets of protestors have retreated from Dataran Merdeka along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and are being chased by police.
3.42pm: Dang Wangi LRT station - After the police fire tear gas canisters in Jalan Tun Perak, some of the protesters flee to Jalan Dang Wangi and Jalan Ampang.

They are seen walking towards KLCC via Jalan Ampang. Most of them are expected to head home.
3.40pm: Masjid Jamek - At Jln Tun Tan Siew Sin and Jln Yap Ah Loy, the police fire tear gas at the protestors who have dispersed from Masjid Jamek.
3.36pm: Masjid India - A 37-year-old woman known as Chong is hit by tear gas, whose canister hit her neck causing a bruise. She suffers no other injury, and the crowd send her for treatment. 
3.29pm: Bar Council - After orders to disperse are issued, water cannon and tear gas are fired at the crowd outside the Bar Council building at Lebuh Pasar Besar.
3.24pm: Masjid Jamek - In front of the LRT Bersih the crowd refuses to budge and shout “Bersih” despite tear gas being fired at them.
They retreated whenever a round of tear gas was fire, but returned soon after.
3:20pm: Dataran Merdeka - Protestors remove the barbed wire at Lebuh Pasar Besar and then move the plastic barricades aside.

Some 30 police officers armed with batons, shields and gas masks move in to form a phalanx.

The protestors and police are now directly face to face. Some are posing for photographs while others sit on the road facing the police.

The police field commander for the area sits atop a police truck with a loudhailer but he has yet to issue any orders.

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